Hi. How was your weekend? Good time? The weather was great, wasn't it?

Any who, I wanted to say hello. We're neck deep in post production (some exciting info on this in the coming days) and are full steam ahead on finishing the rough cut of the film. Today, though, I've got some other good news to share with you. For the second year in a row, Maya's blog, Don't Count Your Eggs, has been nominated for Blog of the Year in Resolve's Hope campaign. Resolve is the biggest infertility support community around and has helped connect so many people going through the challenges of infertility and family-building. While this is not strictly news about the film, a victory here would send Maya to New York and get her rubbing shoulders with some important people in the infertility community. These important people can help get our film seen by even more people throughout the world. I'll be the first to admit I always feel uncomfortable soliciting votes or asking for money or generally trying to rally the many people who have supported us for so long to take yet another step in supporting us. But such is the life of financing and producing an independent film. So vote, feel good, and enjoy the rest of the summer. Head here to vote for Don't Count Your Eggs.

See you at the BBQ!