A couple weeks back you guys did some awesome grassroots stuff and helped us pull out a come from behind victory and claim a spot as Indiewire's Project of the Week. That win is going to help us make a good connection with an online distribution company. It's a great move forward. Now we're in the running for Project of the Month. A first place finish here connects us with the good people at the TriBeCa Film Institute. That would be a huge ally for a small film like ours. So please, hit the link here and vote for our project. We're up against a documentary about a Spielberg movie so, yeah, we're the underdog. But, hey, this whole film is about underdogs and winning when the odds are against you. Let's do it again. Vote, Tell your friends, have your friends vote, then have them tell their friends. Voting is open until Friday at 8am. Here's the link again. Thanks and you're the best. We appreciate it so very much.


- noah