If you thought this would be an essay on Michael Jackson's 90s hit, "You Are Not Alone" then you are mistaken. That HIStory album really holds up, though.

This morning I took inventory of the ONE MORE SHOT mailing list, specifically the comments our subscribers left when they signed up for updates. I am amazed, touched, honored, humbled, whatever you want to call it at the responses we've received over the last 15 months. People from all over the globe (seriously, THE WORLD!) seem to be connecting with our project and my choppily edited trailers. They've also shared news about their own trials and challenges to starting their families. It reminds me how much it takes to be willing to share one's personal stories. In some instances people are sharing these stories with us because they haven't told their family or friends. Infertility is such a personal experience and it can be devastating to hold on to and keep as a secret but many people just can't share their pain. It's really special for us to read these stories and we don't take for granted what it takes for these people to disclose them.

So that's that. Just wanted to say thank you to those who have been following along and a big hug to those who have felt a connection to this project. My hope is that you can use this film to help tell others your own story and make it part of a bigger conversation when it comes to discussing a problem that millions of people suffer with, often silently. You're not alone.

Have a good weekend,