In 2012, experts estimated that around five million births have been aided by modern reproductive technologies. Psychological impact surveys have shown women with infertility experience anxiety and depression similar to those diagnosed with cancer and other major illnesses. Yet, few talk about it openly and honestly. They often suffer in silence, confused by the various interventions available, and live in constant fear that their dream of having a family may never be realized.

As problems with fertility continue to rise, scientific methods are becoming  more sophisticated and a greater number of people are seeking medical intervention.  What  interventions are available?  How do these procedures affect an average infertile couple? What are the costs and risks involved? How does a couple choose between adoption and medical intervention? How can those affected feel less isolated? How can others become more educated and understanding? What is third party reproduction?  What are the familial effects when a sister becomes an egg donor? How can people find hope and humor throughout  this  stressful process? In short, how are families created when the old-fashioned way fails? 

This documentary addresses all those questions and does so from a personal point of view. Though we are both in our early 30’s and in good health, we have had to begin a quest to build our family through alternative means and medical intervention as we try to find our own personal answer to the age old question “Where do babies come from?” Our documentary follows us from our first appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist through various medical interventions including laparoscopic surgeries, Intrauterine Insemination, and In-Vitro Fertilization, and third party reproduction. We expose the relational impact infertility has on a couple and a family in a raw and honest way.

This is our story, a story of acceptance, survival, love, determination and family. It’s a heartwarming, often gut-wrenching, sometimes ridiculous documentary revealing the joys and pitfalls of the quest to become parents, even under the most adverse circumstances.

We have shot 95% of the film and have begun the editing and post-production process. Our current plan is to pursue a multi-platform approach to self-distributing our documentary including festivals, theatrical release, and digital.

Millions of people are currently dealing with some form of infertility, millions more have survived the process, and most people know someone going through it.  Our goal for the film is to promote communication and understanding, and remove the taboo from this subject.  Our hope is that our audience will walk away from our film no longer afraid of having an honest dialogue about infertility.