We are so close. It's at that point where you've spent so much time and effort and energy in a project that you take a step back and ask yourself, "Is this it? Did I forget anything? Did I forget everything?"  

Last weekend, we grabbed a couple friends and borrowed a theatre at the local film school and watched down the current cut of ONE MORE SHOT. I wouldn't even call it a proper screening, just a watch down on a really big screen. It was equal parts elating and horrifying. I was so excited to finally see the film on a big screen. It gave it such a feeling of legitimacy. This is real! The fact that we invited a couple people who didn't know the whole story or any of the story terrified me a little but it was great to see honest reactions. And to my joy and (slight) surprise, everybody laughed at the right spots, they cried in the right places (people cried!), and they connected with the film. 

This week we will finish the edit and then move on to the final color correct and audio mix. It's so exciting. I'm exhausted and sick and starting a new job. But man I'm stoked for this thing to reach the end and I can't wait to begin the next act of this saga and share it with people through festivals and screenings and eventually, hopefully, full-on distribution. So stay close. The end is near but it's feels like the beginning of something. 



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