Hey team! Good news here from Team ONE MORE SHOT. We're approaching the finish line (or starting line depending on if you made the movie or want to watch it) with the film. This fall you'll be able to purchase, rent, watch, screen, enjoy, and cry with ONE MORE SHOT on several platforms, including iTunes and Amazon. The push to distribute our film has been a long one. It's been exciting at times, frustrating in places, but through it all we've been confident that one way or another we'd have a way to share our labor of love with the world.

So in October (we're aiming for the 15th but don't quote me just yet) the film will be available throughout the world. I was thinking of holding back on info until we 100% finalized our drop date but now that things are coming together I want to let you know as much news as I can, as I get it. Not having a final distribution window has been tough because it means we've had to delay marketing and our social push to get out more word about the film. So now that we've nailed it down to a couple weeks we are beginning to ramp up chatter about the project. Once we confirm that date, though, we're going to blast the world with all things ONE MORE SHOT. And we'll need your help! Tell your friends, your family, your social and social media circles. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't make things happen with a small, but focused community. YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER. You can help spread the word. The way to get indie films out there is word of mouth. And with your help we'll have a lot of mouths!

Stay close and we'll keep you up to date on everything. Get excited!