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The movie's done. Wrapped. In the can. Fin. Let's crack a beer, trade high fives, and take a breath.

The end of a project often brings with it a mix of emotions. I'm a freelance producer so I reach the end of a project a couple times a year. On my last day of a project I usually end up playing an old favorite song and screaming it at the top of my lungs as I drive out of the parking lot. Last night I picked up a drive with the final copy of ONE MORE SHOT on it. I played - no surprise - "Alive" by Pearl Jam (a live version from a show I saw with my brother back in 2000). Volume up, windows down, screaming a 25+ year old song into the Hollywood night. And it felt great.

So after taking a moment to enjoy finishing the film, I'm now on to what's next. And here's what that looks like: we've partnered with Preferred Content to help us try to sell this bad boy. They specialize in finding good homes and partners for documentaries. They're awesome. Up first, we're going to try to get this bad boy into some festivals and have it get in front of some eye balls and hopefully somebody will want to buy it and distribute it. I'll let you know if we end up in some awesome festival or not and if that turns into anything. Bottom line, though, you're going to be able to see this some how, some way in the near future. Maybe it'll be on a major network and we'll get billboards along Hollywood Blvd and blah blah blah pie in the sky stuff. Or maybe I'll end up putting it on Vimeo or iTunes and it'll be there, in the world, whenever people are ready for it. Whatever happens, I'll just be glad people will be able to watch this.

I'm so proud of our team. We made a movie! A small one but it's still a real movie (whatever that means). And we had a small team. Like very small. As in we wouldn't have enough people to field a company softball team. And if we had a company basketball team we'd have a very shallow bench. Small team. But everybody worked their asses off. Everybody on this production is a professional. And they all did this project for much, much less than they normally get paid. Some of them even worked for free. For years. These are good people and I'm endlessly thankful and grateful for the work, hours, and brain power they put into this thing. 

That's it for now. I'll get into everything a little deeper for our friends on the mailing list. If you haven't signed up, you can do it here. Do it. Thanks for keeping tabs on us. We'll be rolling out some other goodies in the coming days so stay close.


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