A big thank you to everybody who contributed to the Indiegogo fundraising campaign over the last month. $37,500 may have been a bit lofty of a goal, but shouldn't all goals be lofty? We ended up with $20,000 and we're so excited. This money will allow us to pay a top notch finishing editor to bring the final edit to life. From there, we'll pull strings and call in our friends to help with the final color correction and sound mix.


Well, first we take a sigh of relief that we no longer have to run a fundraising campaign. It's a lot of work and, honestly, we'll enjoy not asking people for money every day. After that, though, it's right back into the edit. Our post team is going through scenes as quickly as possible, and dropping the choice cuts into the overall assembly. The next step is to get the entire film in a rough cut status and taking a look. For a film like this, with a couple hundred hours of original raw footage, a rough cut will still be several times the length of the final product. From there, we'll trim the rough cut into a tighter package, at which time we'll incorporate more of the interviews we did with other infertility survivors, and begin looking into a graphics package for the film.


You can't rush art! Lay off! Seriously, though, this stuff takes a while. From the edit point of view, we're looking to have an assembly cut (the super long one) by mid-May. Assuming everything stays on course, the next cuts take less and less time. We'd love to have an internal locked cut (pre-color and mix) by summer. 

From time to time we'll be sending you updates on how we're doing but if you ever have any questions, please just drop us a line here or on Twitter or the Facebook page and we'll be sure to respond.

Thank you again for all your help and interest in the project.



OMS team