Great meeting with the ONE MORE SHOT team tonight. Family-style dinners are way more effective than conference calls and email chains.

Tonight we had a full team meeting to discuss production, post-production, and our fundraising plans. We've decided to push back the fundraiser until we have not only a bad-ass trailer to share, but most of the film cut, too. And we're going to be sharing exclusive scenes and moments from the film right here along the way.

We are serious about ONE MORE SHOT being a voice for the infertility community. That voice needs to be loud and strong and it needs to be able to grow. So we're going to roll this out in a way that will allow us to connect with other great people in the infertility community. We're not going to rush this just to get money to finish it. It may take a us a little longer but it will allow us to meet new people who can help spread the word of the film, just as we hope to spread the world of people's amazing infertility struggles and the unbelievable things others have gone through to make their family. 

Stay with us. It's about to get good.