Greetings from Seattle. Maya had her frozen embryo transfer yesterday. Fingers majorly crossed that this is the end of out movie. The clinic didn't allow me to shoot video but you can imagine how glorious and beautiful the moment was! Actually, it's just a few seconds and looks rather similar to the last transfer we did. Once the patient is off bed rest, I'm going to do a quick interview with her. She's in good spirits and so am I. 

In post-production news, our awesome editors are cutting away. It's going to be tough for me to step away and let them do their thing but in a project like this it's not always best to be this close to the material. A good editor will find an interesting moment or scene that didn't seem important when we lived it and can make it a strong piece of the overall film. I'm excited to see the bits of gold the mine from two years of footage. 

That's the latest. Website should be up in full this week. Indiegogo campaign is on its way, too.