I'm getting excited. The homepage is close. The Indiegogo rollout is imminent. Our post-production team is complete. It's like a documentary Voltron assembling. I will admit, though, that the more real this all feels, the more anxious I get. When this was a pet project with loads of footage sitting on a harddrive I would mess with when I had free time, it didn't feel completely real that our story would become anything more than a simple short. Now I'm hiring people. We're buying gear and licensing music. We have a scheduled workflow! These are big, big steps. 

I think the most terrifying part of all of this is that once the project officially rolls out this month, there's no turning back. It must be finished. Festivals or bust. Distribution at all costs. I dig this team we've put together, though. Every person on the squad wants to tell our story and wants to not just make a video about Maya and Noah's infertility journey, the want to are a film. And I know we're going to do exactly that. Stay tuned.