Jeez, is it really the middle of November already? It's always hard to tell with Los Angeles weather. Well, sunshine and 75 degrees or not, time is moving on and so is the project.  Here are a couple updates on all things One More Shot.

This week we're welcoming another story editor on to the team.  Think of a story editor as part writer, part editor. A good story editor works with the footage to get to the heart of a scene and makes sure the overall stories are tracking.  This way, when the editor gets their hands on the footage, they'll know exactly how to cut the material. Story editors help streamline the post process. It makes my job as the director/producer and the editor's job much easier. We'll introduce her in the coming days but trust me, she's awesome.

The last couple weeks we have been focusing on the many interview sessions we have shot over the last two years. It is really unbelievable to see the difference in how Maya and I felt, say in 2012, versus now. One of the heartbreaking parts of going through infertility is that until you are pregnant, it feels like every moment is your personal low point. Time is moving on and you still aren't pregnant. So reliving footage from two years ago and watching us describe how hopeless everything seems is really emotional for me. I want to tell 2012 us to keep holding on and believing but I also want to remind them, "if you thought 2012 was bad, just wait until 2013!" 

Thanks for keeping up with us here, on Twitter, and now on the Facebook page. This project is always changing and we are glad you are along for the ride with us. We aren't a big production company that can keep this project moving at all times. We don't have a big budget, just whatever costs I can fit on my AMEX. We are a handful of passionate people that want to tell a great story. There are awesome things to come, so stay with us.


- n